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    ncurses menu question

    hey everybody,

    I wrote a little menu in ncurses and everything runs great. However, i'm having a bit of trouble adding a line right before the menu.

    This is what my code looks like when i try to add a title

    int main()
    //ncurses init is done here
    printw("A nifty title is located here\n"); //
    //more stuff here to interact with the menu
    return 0;
    basically, the menu is always position at 0,0, thus overwritting any string before the menu. Is there a way to change the position of the menu?

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    Call move()? mvaddstr()? Something like that?

    See the ncurses man pages or an online version.

    [edit] Here's an ncurses tutorial:

    Scroll down to "Standard Windows and Function Naming Conventions" to see how functions are named, including move() variants:

    Once you know more about ncurses, the man page is a great read:

    BTW, I found that stuff by googling for "ncurses tutorial" and "man ncurses". It's not hard to find. [/edit]
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    i did google and find all those links (including the man)..

    those all work correctly if i don't have the menu (ie i comment out post_menu(my_menu)). mvaddch will not move the menu down, it will just be painted on top of everything..

    move(2, 0); ---> move the cursor down by 2

    post_menu is still posted at 0,0, thus, overwritting everything that i have moved

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