Thread: Reading in char for float with scanf

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    Reading in char for float with scanf

    I'm using scanf to read floats from input and want to put in error handling to detect when the user is inputting something that isn't a number (that is, a string). When I type in a string, it seems to make a float that is a very tiny number that is close to, but not equal to, 0. The problem is that if I try to account for this by saying floor(inputvariable) can't equal 0, then I can't input a float that's between 0 and 1. What can I do to handle this error?

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    Check the return value of scanf(); scanf() returns the number of items succesfully read. That is, for scanf("%f"), the return value will be 1 if all was successful or something else (0 or EOF). For scanf("%f%f%f"), the return value could be from 1-3 (or 0 or EOF), indicating how many numbers were read successfully.

    If scanf() detects an error, remove the offending characters from the input stream and resume reading. Something like this:
    int c;  /* must be an int to hold EOF */
    double percent;
    printf("Enter your percent: ");
    while(scanf("%lf", &percent) != 1) {
        printf("Try again: ");
        while((c = getchar()) != EOF && c != '\n');

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    Thanks! Got it now

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    And my after advice is to simply avoid scanf and use fgets with sscanf.
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