Thread: variable into 1 bit??

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    variable into 1 bit??

    if I have a 16 bit variable (number) and I try to send it out one bit at a time on RCO (the first bit of a register also the data line) will it work as I intend it??

    example: *Note RC0 is first bit of register...


    RCO=number >>1;
    etc ...

    //end code

    if not... any other simple suggestions??

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    Hard to tell if that would work.
    If RC0 is supposed to be only one bit then it might be better to use
    RC0 = number & 1;
    RC0 = ( number >> 1 )& 1;
    Anyway, using a loop would improve the solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theeld
    if not... any other simple suggestions??
    What device? Do you have to bit-bang it or are there available peripherals?
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    C can't just read one bit. So if your program is written in C, (whatever's reading on the other end) the smallest you're sending across is going to be one byte, or rather, a char (CHAR_BIT in size). Likewise, the smallest you can send is going to be one byte also.

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