Thread: Help with past yr exam paper

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    Help with past yr exam paper

    Can anyone help me with this question?
    I got this question in one of the past yr exam should i write for this question?
    Write a short C program , mcopy to copy a list of marks from a source text file to a destination text file. The file names are given as command line arugments. The copy contains only failing marks. For example, the source list (92,34,23,50,51,49) should produce the destination list (34,23,49).
    The program should output the destination text file, the statistics: number of marks,number of failures,percentage failed.
    Please help me.thanks

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    post as much code as YOU have written then we'll help. we wont 'do' it for you.

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    You've been told before to post your code attempts. The admins of this forum give you more attempts at this than I would... please read the Homework Policy.
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    The easiest way to code this I believe, is by just mimicing the way you would handle this problem, if you were doing it by hand:

    1) Open the input and output files, from the command line arguments, and while you have more data in the former, input a grade number. Increment the marks count variable.

    2) If the grade number is less than 50, then write it to the output file, increase the failure count variable.

    3) When the program reaches the end of the input file, calculate the percentage of failures found.

    4) Close the files, and print the stats.

    When you break it down into smaller steps, it just get's easier. If one step seems too difficult, consider breaking that step down into two steps - or maybe three.

    Take it step-by-step, and when you get stuck on the syntax or the logic, try and figure it out by studying your compiler's error messages, and checking out your variables values as your program progresses.

    If you're still stuck, post up your code and tell us what you're stuck on, what error messages you're getting, or inaccuracy you have not been able to get quite right.

    And be really clear. A destination file that's called a "copy" and a "destination list", can lead to a lot of confusion. Be VERY clear and precise - it will help you and us as well.


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