Thread: c string in memory.

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    c string in memory.

    I have a question concerning what will happen to a string when I do like this:
    int main()
         char* text;
         text = "hello world";
         text = "this is a string";
         return 0;
    Does the string "hello world" remain in memory? And if it does, is it supposed to be considered a memory leak even though malloc is not involved?

    The reason I need to know this is because I want to try writing my own String class in c++, but since this is also a C question I'm posting it here.

    I'll be truly thankfull for any help!

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    I'm pretty sure that you don't need to use free and that the memory will be freed when the program exits but maybe someone else can verify that. You could always just run a program like valgrind that checks to see if there are any memory leaks.

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    If you didn't call malloc, then don't call free.

    Each malloc/calloc/realloc should be matched with exactly one free.

    > Does the string "hello world" remain in memory?
    String constants like those remain in memory as long as the program remains in memory.

    Compare with
    int i, j;
    int *p = &i;
    p = &j;
    You wouldn't do anything special with i, just because you made the pointer point at j.
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    Ok, I see. Thank you both very much for answering!

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