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    I am trying to create a simple virtual machine that is capable of taking an input file containing machine code and convert this to a program in the machine's simulated memory and finally executing the program. So far I have created a header file that includes macro's to represent the different assembly language prompts and i need to create a hash table in order to make text replacement easier. I am stuck and need some guidance on where to start.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    First, create a hash table. Go on, it's easy. Post your code, point out what you're stuck on, all that good stuff. No, keep your pointless headers and such out of it. Just make a program that builds a hash table, inserts, retrieves, etc.

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    You'd think someone capable of doing all that would come up with a better topic title than "Help!"

    Though I can't see what the 2nd part of the question has to do with the first part of the question.
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