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    Integer casting ADC

    We are writing code to read data from an ADC voltage convertor, the code we have written so far is:

      signed int i, x;
      unsigned short inData = 0; 
      init();	      // Set the PCLK to 15MHz
      init_UART1(); // Initialise the UART Serial port
    	inData = getAD(0x01);
    	// testing 2's compliment bit - twelth bit
    	if (0x00000800 & inData) {
    	  // stuff first 4 bits of short int with 1's
    	  x = (inData | 0xFFFFF000);
    	else {
    	  // stuff first 4 bits of short int with 0's
    	  x = (inData & 0x000007FF);
    	printf("DATA: x = %d    |   inData = %d\n", x, inData); 	   
    	for (i=0; i<800000; i++);
    OK!!! ...I was being an idiot!!!! ...x was an unsigned int so it would never print a negative value!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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