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    buffer overflow

    Can someone show me a quick example of code that performs a small buffer overflow that another driver application would be able to take advantage of the overflow and access a part of the code that isn't normally accessible? I'm just looking for a small explained example if possible. Thanks very much

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    No. Go away. Learn to "hack" somewhere else.

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    I'm not even hacking. I'm taking a security course, and I'm trying to learn about buffer overflows. I know I could find material on the web, but I was hoping that someone might be able to take an example, such as trying to copy a string that's longer than a pre-defined character array and then try to execute that program from a driver app to make it call a function that isn't part of the original intent of the application. In no way, did I say "make me this program so I can hack." Assumptions people always make.

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