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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_Sinkula
    Good attitude. (No sarcasm.)
    Thank you.

    The "how to deal with it" was already presented.
    And I'm in the process of realizing how to implement it. Once I find the time to open the source code up again ( I have a very busy schedule right now ) I'll see if I can't understand enough to put that loop around the switch statement.

    Even worse, if you don't listen to the presented advice, you may become discouraged with programming altogether.
    But atleast then it would be from my failure to comprehend my book, and not from the misdirection of others on this forum. In all honesty, I plan on getting other books, and if I find myself frustrated with this one, I'll likely drop it in favor of another and yet another. If, however, I use the knowledge presented to me here on this forum, at a time I'm not prepared for, it would likely cause me trouble later on down the road. This of course assumes that the book in would prepare me before telling me about said functions, which it very well may not. I prefer to learn from the ground up. Your functions may be better, but I feel it would be valuable to understand why they're better suited for certain tasks, and before I can understand that, I would have to first understand why scanf is considered flawed. If I have a half-decent book, I think it plausable that the book would point these things out to me later on down the road, where I'd have a better chance of comprehending exactly what it is you're trying to get across by reccomending alternate functions to me.

    Right now, I'm hoping in the next few chapters my book will point out the buffer problem associated with scanf, and show me these great new functions you guys are talking about. If not, I'll take a break from the book and seriously look into the functions mentioned.

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    I use C++, how to program 5th editon form Detiel and consider it to be a good book. I know nothing of their C language books but I would of thought they would still be at same level of learning capability. It is a brick of a book too, but is packed with exercises, and I have gotten much more out of it than my other books which are

    Learn C++ in 24 hours
    C++ a beginners guide by herb sturldit
    Practicle C++

    C learning upwards - ( school book )

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