Thread: How to store many similar data items

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    How to store many similar data items

    Say i have a program that asks for client a clients age, whether they have claimed on insurance etc. Then at the end of the program it asks if the user wants to input another form (basically repeating the program).

    What i am asking is, can i write some code that creates a new variable to store their age each time the program asks the clients age?

    I want to be able to store their age, internally, so, not storing it to a different file. I am trying to make it so that it puts each age into a new variable, so that at the end i can display only the highest age that has occured since execution of the program.

    Because i do not know how many times the user will repeat the program, i cannot simply declare a load of variables, is there anyway i can make some code that incremently creates a new variable? or that only stores the highest value?

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    Well you can stop shouting in the title for starters...
    A more specific thread title wouldn't go amis either (fixed)

    Use a struct to store
    - name
    - address
    - age
    - last claim date
    - anything else you need on a per customer basis

    Use an
    - array
    - linked list
    to store a variable number of these things.
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    okay thanks i will read up about linked lists.

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