Thread: Teach yourself C in Visual C++ 2005 Express

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    Teach yourself C in Visual C++ 2005 Express


    I am trying to learn C using an older version of Sams "Teach Yourself C in 21 Days." I have downloaded and installed the free version of Microsoft's Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. As any of you with more experience know, the code samples from my book will not work properly in this compiler.

    My question is pretty basic. Is there a setting in the new compiler that will make it function as a simple C compiler, or is there a simple line like "# include stdafx.h" instead of "#include stdio.h" that I can write at the top of the code samples that will allow me to progress with this book and compliler combination?

    It may be that what I am attempting is much more complicated than I am prepared for, in which case I will be willing to try something else, either learm much more about this compiler or get a much simpler one that will work with this book.



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    If you need something to learn I would recommend CodeBlocks or Dev-C++ those IDE's are much more easy to use and support a more stabdart C than MS products.

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    Compilers support languages, not IDE's

    > Is there a setting in the new compiler that will make it function as a simple C compiler
    Not as such.
    - Create a new win32 console project. This will create a default project.cpp file with that stdafx abomination in it.

    - In project->settings->compiler->precompiled headers - choose "do not use precompiled headers". Make sure you get it for both debug and release builds.

    - Then do file->new and create a blank file, then save that as a .c file. Add that to the project.

    You can then remove the project.cpp, stdafx.cpp and stdafx.h from the project.

    In your new blank .c file, just type in your C code.
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    Better idea: when creating a new console project, go to the application settings tab in the new project wizard and check "Empty Project". That's assuming VS.Net 2005 still has that, but it would be outstandingly stupid of MS to have removed it.
    By choosing empty project, all that pollution is not there in the first place.
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