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    calculating average

    Hi all,

    I just joined the post. Iam new to C programming. I have a question regarding a problem i found in some book. The problem is i have a input file with student ID, 5 program scores, midterm and final score. i have to check for wrong input of data(negative score),calculate average score for program,calculate student totalscore (30% of programming,30% midterm,35%final and 5%free for whoever takes final exam),give grade to student and then finally compute calss total score.

    print in a format to the output file.

    My idea looks very simple to the problem. I think it may not that simple as i think. Please guide me.

    -First we have to scan the details from input file
    -if the score is > 0 and < 100 then
    1)calculate average score for programs (total all score and divide by 5)
    2) student total score i.e 30%*total program score+35%midterm+35%*final+5%
    3)calculating grade
    If Marks >=90 and <=100 then
    Display grade = A

    Else if marks >= 80 and <=89 then
    Display grade = B

    Else if marks >= 70 and <=79 then
    Display grade = C

    Else if marks >= 60 and <=69 then
    Display grade = D

    Else if marks >=0 and <=59 then
    Do display grade = F

    4) calculate total class score

    Please let me know if iam write. If possible please tell me how to start writing C code for this

    Thanks for your help

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