Thread: Event driven conditional??

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    Event driven conditional??

    I am programming a PIC to send bytes using a baud rate specified by a Timer2 interrupt (needless info)

    anyway. Is there a conditional statement that will halt execution UNTIL the condition is true. Im using timed interrupts to change the condition and when the condition evaluates to true I would like the program execution to continue, but if the condition is not true yet I dont want it to skip over the conditional. Any suggestion would be helpful...

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    Single or multi-threaded?

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    You mean like an if() or a while()

    Or seeing as this is an embedded programming exercise, maybe your chosen CPU has a "halt" instruction which suspends everything until the next interrupt.

    Do you have an OS on this PIC, or are you down on the bare metal?
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    yeah like an if () or a while ()

    there is no operating system

    the condition may not always be true, but it will become true once the interrupt gets around to the right condition

    single threaded for all i know

    while (i==3) do this ;
    at the same time the interrupt is cycling i from 0-7 over and over again;

    will while (i==3) wait till i = 3 to continue execution?? or will it just skip it if it is not 3 at that moment??

    tell me if i need to clarify more, this may not be crystal

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    If i != 3, the loop will break. This may be okay or not depending on how you control i.

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