Thread: any idea what lib is needed?

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    Captain Howdy

    any idea what lib is needed?

    Just as a general question, my biggest problem seems to be that i dont know what libs to include in whatever it is im trying to do. ill check out and look at something along the lines of what i wanted, and it will have included something i wouldnt even have thought of. so i guess what im asking is whether or not there is a search engine out there that will let me look for libs i might need im my source? how do you guys manage?
    Thanks guys

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    Try your compilers help files first. You could also buy a programmers reference book. They are not as expensive as a normal computer text but they wont tell you anything that your help files couldn't.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    If your problem is with the standard libraries, read a reference like in "The C Programming Language" by Kernigham & Ritchie.
    Here is also a good reference to ANSI-C functions.

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    you could also go to your include folder with what ever compiler you have, and then search each include header file for the appropriate function

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    All of the above are good sugestions, but my experience tends to be that stdio.h and stdlib.h cover just about anything you're trying to do.

    I only wind up using other headers when I'm trying to do something specific, and if you are doing something specific, you should do the necesary research before hand to know what special lib you'll need.

    Hope this helps.


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