Thread: some C operands...

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    some C operands...

    i have a simple question:
    what does this mean | ?
    and what does this mean & ?
    please note i'm not talking here about the operand "or"
    and i'm not talking about the operand "and"
    would you please give me a very simple example about that.
    i'm using the DJGPP compiler.

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    Bitwise or and bitwise and operate on bits.
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
       unsigned int x = 0x11;
       printf("x = 0x%x\n", x);
       printf("x & 0x1 = 0x%x\n", x & 0x1);
       printf("x | 0x2 = 0x%x\n", x | 0x2);
       return 0;
    /* my output
    x = 0x11
    x & 0x1 = 0x1
    x | 0x2 = 0x13
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    Show some code in context - your question makes no sense.
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    thank you Dave_Sinkula

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