Thread: int and char concatenation question

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    Question int and char concatenation question

    char *t_ptr;
    int *ts;
    case 555:
    	strcpy(t_ptr, "\\555\\");
    	t_ptr += 5;
    	strcpy(t_ptr, (char *) ts);
    I just need to concatenate t_ptr and ts, but my line of code: strcpy(t_ptr, (char *) ts); does not work. How would I correctly concatenate those two variables? If it's an easy answer, then great! If not, then I'll try to pull out more of my code that's relevant in order for somebody to help me. Thanks!

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    sprintf( t_ptr, "\\555\\%d", *ts );
    Does the whole lot.
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    You haven't allocated anything for your pointers. First off, fix that. Then use something like sprintf to copy whatever your int pointer points to a buffer. Then strcat the buffer to your first one.

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    Thanks Salem...I was trying to be more complicated then what was really called for

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