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    Trying to Understand Structure

    I'm still pretty new to C and still do not have a good grasp on pointers and structures.

    I'm working on a program that globally declares a nested? structure, and globally declares another structure that I believe is related:

    static struct alist {         /*  Nodes of linked list: Paths */
       int *p;                    /*  Array of paths              */
       struct alist *Next;        /*  Next path                   */
    static struct alist **Saved;        /* Saved paths               */
    There is a function named ev_num that does something with these functions:
    Saved =  (struct alist **) malloc(sizeof(struct alist*));   
      *Saved = (struct alist *)NULL;    /* Linked list of saved paths */
     GetPath( m, r );                  /* Get the paths */
    Does anyone understand what' going on with the above code? Any help would be appreciated because I'm pretty lost.

    Basically, how would I go about getting values out of this structure?
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    The first thing is to remove all those redundant casts on assigning the result of malloc, and assigning NULL (this is C after all)

    Given say
    struct alist *foo = *saved;

    Then you could do
    foo->p[0] = 0;
    to access the first element of your array

    foo = foo->Next;
    to advance to the next node.

    This is typical for traversing linked lists
    while ( foo != NULL ) {
      // do stuff
      foo = foo->Next;
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    This kind of learning is a bad practice. Try learning by a good book or tutorial step by step.
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    Thanks for your feedback

    Thanks Salem, that helped me get a better grasp on it. I'll look into a good C++ book as well.

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