Thread: non-modular to modular program conversion

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    need help!

    /*kenf: split from: */

    Sorry guys for grave digging this topic but I've also come across this question and I am completely stuck not to mention at my wits end.

    I have designed a non-modular program which denotes the change correctly however I am having trouble converting this program to modular.

    Would appreciate any assistance.

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    Make a new topic, don't bump old threads. Link to the old thread if you need to, as a point of reference.
    Read the forum guidelines. You'll see handy tips like "post your code", and use code tags.

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    > however I am having trouble converting this program to modular.
    Grab a pad of post-it notes or 5x3 library cards, and write on each one a subject your program deals with.

    Expand each one with a description of what needs to be done.

    If you can't fit all the information on one card, then write a summary line which refers to another card which has more room on it to describe a more specific step.

    Eventually, the "leaf" cards will contain very detailed descriptions of a small part of the program, and this is what you implement.
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    Would appreciate any assistance.
    Think about it from a functional point of view. Maybe something like:

    1) Give a greeting, and get their input amount of money.
    2) Calculate the change and print that out
    3) Ask them if they want to input another amount.
    4) Say Good bye if they're done

    I didn't read that whole former post because life is too short, and the thread and your program seemed WAY too long. imo.

    C is a concise programming language. Try to make your programs the same. Nested while loops will take care of all your giving change logic. There's no need imo for "fifty" and "quarters", and "dimes", and "nickels", and "pennies". Just cents will do for most things.

    Can you BRIEFLY specify the requirements of this assignment, in one, two, three, format?
    1) ....
    2) ....
    3) ....

    This is not (so far, I don't have all the specifics yet of your assignment), a difficult problem. Let's keep it as simple as we practically, can.

    (and use code tags for any code), it's just annoying and a time-waster, otherwise.


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