Thread: An ADT as an array.

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    An ADT as an array.

    Hey hey,

    I'm wanting to create an ADT that is an array (52 in size) of another ADT structure. The other ADT structure is a card and the array i am trying to create is the deck of cards. However this deck array has to be an ADT. Is this possible to create this ADT array? Could someone point me in the direction of knowing how to do this? Would be much appreciated.

    I hope this makes sence, am very tired and am having trouble thinking.


    this is the definition for the card ADT
    typedef struct
       enum card_facevalue value;
       enum card_suit suit;
       int card_up;  /*boolean*/
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    To create your deck of cards, you would do something like:
    card deck[52];
    struct card deck[52];

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