Thread: Compile the program?

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    Compile the program?

    If I use functions like gotoxy(), clrscr(), _setcursortype(),...... in my programs and then compile it, the programs don't run on other computers only on mine. I'm using borland c++ builder 6.


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    When you use compiler-specific extensions, you shouldn't expect your code to compile on another implementation.
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    You can implement those non-standard functions with Win32 ones and get it to compile under Dev-C++ or something however. The FAQ has a Win32 implementation of clrscr() I believe, and you should be able to find others if you search the board.

    The only compiler I know of that has _setcursortype() is DJGPP. DJGPP has a ScreenSetCursor() function which is the same as gotoxy() (although I think it's one-based; the upper left corner is (1,1), not (0,0)) and clrscr(), too. You could try compiling with it: But I don't know what that would gain you: it's a DOS compiler, just like borland c++. It would run on the same platforms.

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