Thread: reading pixels from y frame (yuv frame) using fread()?

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    reading pixels from y frame (yuv frame) using fread()?

    hi..i would like to know to read pixels and later store the pixel values in i use fread()? if yes how? this is a part of my code..please reply ASAP...thank you
    fseek(vidf, 0L, SEEK_SET); //same as rewind(vidf)
       //initialize array
            for(colpixels=0; colpixels<width; colpixels++){
               fread(ttemp, sizeof(char), 1, vidf);
    			grayscaleV = *ttemp;
                inityHist[grayscaleV] = inityHist[grayscaleV] + 1; //to check the ocurences of pixel
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    All things being equal, like ttemp pointing at some valid memory, and say the file opened with "rb" mode, and the initial fseek offset being OK, it should be fine.
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    This stuff is interesting me. I would like to know how this is working out. Do you have to use a pointer to the video memory? I don't get that:
    Is this supposed to point on pixel memory? Is this in a file?

    I'm all mixed up.

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    Since fseek sets the file position in a file, I'd guess it seeks (54+4*256) characters from the beginning of the file (SEEK_SET).

    [edit] sizeof(char) is always 1, but you can leave it in if you want to. [/edit]

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