Thread: exp function doesn't compile

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    exp function doesn't compile


    I am trying to use the exp function in my code, which is below. My file is called neural2

    #include <math.h> /* for exp */
    #include <stdio.h> /* for printf, scanf */
    #include <stdlib.h> /* for atoi */
    #include <string.h> /* for strtok */
    /* begin main */
    main(int argc, char *argv[])
    		printf("%d \t", exp(-2 * 5));	
    }  /* end main */
    The error is as follows. Why is this occurring?

    Undefined                       first referenced
     symbol                             in file
    exp                                 neural2.o
    ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to neural2
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    Some systems (such as yours) require you to link with the math library. For GCC, use -lm.
    $ gcc program.c -o program -lm
    Are you sure you want to use exp()? To calculate one number to the power of another, use pow().

    Were you thinking of '\n'? '\t' prints a tab.

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    And print it using the appropriate specifier.
    printf("%d \t", exp(-2 * 5));
    %d is for an int -- %e, %f, %g are for floating point.
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