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    can you please explain the :
    fseek functions arguments?
    exit functions argument?
    $ gcc new.c?
    $ ./a.exe?
    thank you
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    277 || man fseek

    #include <stdio.h>
    int fseek( FILE *stream, long offset, int origin );

    The function fseek() sets the file position data for the given stream. The origin value should have one of the following values (defined in stdio.h):

    Name Explanation

    SEEK_SET Seek from the start of the file

    SEEK_CUR Seek from the current location

    SEEK_END Seek from the end of the file

    fseek() returns zero upon success, non-zero on failure. You can use fseek() to move beyond a file, but not before the beginning. Using fseek() clears the EOF flag associated with that stream.

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    > fseek functions arguments?
    > exit functions argument?
    Why don't you use the same resource which told you about the printf() arguments or strcat() arguments?

    > $ gcc new.c?
    > $ ./a.exe?
    Take a wild guess - what do you think it could possibly mean?
    - do my laundry
    - reboot my computer
    - search the web
    - compile and run the program.
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