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    Nested Structs

    Hey Guys I'm having some problems with this code

    #include <stdio.h>
    FILE  *in_fptr,   /* Input File Pointer; points to the file 
                         containing the input to the program */
          *out_fptr,  /* Output File Pointer; points to the file to 
                         contain all the output of the program */
    #define  TRUE          1
    #define  FALSE         0
    #define  NAME_LENGTH   10  /* maximum number of characters in name */
    #define  COM_LENGTH    3   /* number of characters in a command    */
    #define  HT_SIZE       59  /* number of entries in the hash table  */
    #define  STEP_SIZE     29  /* value to be added to the hash value 
                                  for resolving hash collisions        */
    /* an entry in reference queue */
    struct  rq_entry {
         int     lineno;
         struct  rq_entry  *next;
    /* an entry in hash table */
    struct  ht_entry {
         char    ht_name[NAME_LENGTH + 1];
         struct  rq_entry  *front;  /* a queue is used to keep track of */
         struct  rq_entry  *rear;   /* references to a name*/
    struct  ht_entry  hash_tbl[HT_SIZE];  /* hash table */
    void init();
    void search();
    int hash();
    void tbl_flush();
       char command[COM_LENGTH + 1],   /* the command in the input */
            inp_name[NAME_LENGTH + 1]; /* the name in the input    */
    	int line = 1;//keep track of line in input file, for reference queue.
    	int name_status;//either represents a duplicate entry or undefined
    	int *found;//store value passed by search routine.
    		fprintf(out_fptr,"\tInput Data\n%+2Command %+5Name\n");
    		while(fscanf(in_fptr, "%s%s", command, inp_name)!=EOF){
    			line++;//next line in program.
    				if(strcmp(command, "DEF")==0){//if define is command.
    													//name needs to be inserted, or
    											   	//a duplicate reference note needs to
    											   	//be placed.
    					name_status=hash(inp_name, TRUE);//passes name and flag telling hash routine
    																//to not only hash the name, but try to insert
    																//as well.
    					if(name_status==FALSE){//name status set to false, when name was already
    						fprintf(out_fptr,"%s\t\t***Duplicate Name***\n", inp_name);
    						name_status=TRUE;//reset name_status for next name/symbol.
    						}//end if.
    					else//name has only been defined once.
    						fprintf(out_fptr,"%s\n", inp_name);
    						}//end else.
    			else if(strcmp(command, "USE")==0){
    				fprintf(out_fptr,"%5s\t\t", command);
    				search(inp_name, &found);//name is being used, need to
    								  	  //check if it exists first.
    					fprintf(out_fptr,"%s\t\t***Undefined Name***\n", inp_name);
    					fprintf(out_fptr,"%s\n", inp_name);
    				}//end else if.
    				printf("Invalid command...closing.\n");
    				return 0;
    				}//end else.
    			 }//end while.
    	//tbl_flush);//output the resulting data structure to the output
    }/* end of main */
    void init()
    	int i;
    	in_fptr=fopen("", "r");
    	out_fptr=fopen("lab1.out", "w");
    	for(i=0; i<HT_SIZE; i++){
    		hash_tbl[i].front=NULL;//initialize each index's queue to empty.
    		hash_tbl[i].rear = NULL;
    	    strcpy(hash_tbl[i].ht_name, "0");//initialize names in index
    												   //of hash table to empty.
     }/* end of init */
    void search(name_ptr, found_ptr, ind_ptr)
       char *name_ptr;   /* name to be searched */
       int *found_ptr;  /* flag to indicate whether or not the name being
                           searched for is in hash table */
       int *ind_ptr;    /* index into the hash table */
    	*ind_ptr=hash(name_ptr, FALSE);//set index pointer to index generated by
    											 //hash function.
    	while(strcmp(hash_tbl[*ind_ptr].ht_name, "0")!=0){//while index is
    																	  //not empty.
            if(strcmp(hash_tbl[*ind_ptr].ht_name, name_ptr)==0){//if name found.
            if(hash_tbl[*ind_ptr].front == NULL){
                hash_tbl[*ind_ptr].front -> lineno = 5; 
    		else{//an empty index was found, where name should have been.
    	*found_ptr=FALSE;//name not found.
    it all compiles just fine but the line hash_tbl[*ind_ptr].front -> lineno = 5; makes it crash at run time and I don't know why, I need to access the lineno variable so I can add things to the queue...any help would be appreciated

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    Why in the world are you using K&R style C? From the looks of it, the error checking that ISO C does for you with prototypes will easily solve your problem.
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    One question - how old is your compiler or C book?

    Your style is obsolete by at least 15 years.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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