Thread: can't understand error message.

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    it is for embedded smart card system..

    i'm using smartdeck c compiler..

    well i did some mistake at the declaration part but i have correct it this is te example for the declaration :

    typedef struct message
    	unsigned char msg_asal[6];
    	unsigned char msg2[2];
    	unsigned char check[4];
    	unsigned long sum;
    } apdu_data3;
    #pragma melpublic
    //unsigned char publicData[136];
                    apdu_data pData;
    	apdu_data2 pData2;
    	apdu_data3 msg;
                    unsigned char pEncdata[16];
    	unsigned char pkeysat[CLkeysat-1];
    	unsigned int pKira1[1];
    	unsigned int pKira2[1];
     } apdu_group1;
    and this is the line where i implement the checksum library :

    memcpy(apdu_group1.msg.msg2, apdu_group1.msg.msg_asal, 2);
    memcpy(apdu_group1.msg.check, apdu_group1.msg.msg_asal+2, 4);
    CHECKSUM(2, apdu_group1.msg.msg2, apdu_group1.msg.sum);     //line 157
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    when i compiled it, i got an error like this one:

    enc1.c(157): error E8002: user type check error: found 'unsigned long', expected 'unsigned long *'

    and when i convert the unsigned long sum; to unsigned long *sum; in the declaration part i got this error:

    enc1.c(157): error E8000: argumenst to _code can only be locals, arguments, globals, or integer

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    > found 'unsigned long', expected 'unsigned long *'
    Like I said, you should have done
    CHECKSUM(2, apdu_group1.msg.msg2, &apdu_group1.msg.sum);
    Do you have any other example which works?
    Have you tried this with variables which are not in a union?
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    22 works..thnx alot Salem..i didn't understand what u mean back then..i forgot that when ever we want to send address we should include the '&' infront of the var name..thnx again..about the example i don't have any..coz im new in this thing..

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