Thread: clients and servers in diff OS

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    clients and servers in diff OS

    I have a server written in C and its listing on a port (I checked it with netstat and going step by step in my server code) . and there is a client writtten in Java which run on a windows machine my server runs on a Linux machine.

    my question is can there be any complication when these 2 try to talk. the server basically writes some data when a client connects. (when I ran these 2 always the Java client complained "connection refused")

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    Well, the language they speak is TCP/IP,so the programing language is not important. Check your client/server codes. There must be something wrong with your code.

    You can examine your outgoing data by using some network sniffers (like tcpdump or ethereal).So, you will be able to if there are some extra unwanted characters in your data.
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    TCP/IP is a protocol / transport. It doesn't give a damn about the languages or operating systems or hardware at either end of the link.

    If both implement the protocol correctly, then they'll talk just fine - like the rest of the web does.
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