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    Hello all.

    I have installed a new distro on my comp and I just wonder how I can configure vim editor so colours and tabs show when writing code. Any help appreciated.

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    You might want to create a .vimrc file in your root (there are other ways to do this, this is just how I do it...), which contains settings. After that, you'll just have to wade through the help files. Here is an example .vimrc file
    syn on
    set esckeys autoindent
    The syn on enables syntax highlighting. You'll also want to look into xterm. I use this command...
    export TERM=xterm
    to enable color. I am not especially knowledgable in this area by any means, I just know how to make my code nice colors.

    That said, you need to look into the set flags to figure out all the other settings, which means going through the manual. It's a tough manual, personally, but still worth the journey.
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    to add color you must launch vim -g. then go to syntax and set to automatic. THen edit drop down menu to the color scheme and choose the one you like most. This will get you started with colors. As suggested, create a .vimrc file when you understand more how they work.


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