Thread: Dynamic memory allocation.

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    Dynamic memory allocation.


    I want to learn dynamic memory allocation and linked lists. So I started with dynamic memory allocation. I tried to look for example programs but as new to this topic I did'nt understand the programs that I found and I'am not keen on blind copying. I would appriciate it if someone can put an example of a simple and easy to understand program that actually does something practicle and use dynamic memory allocation to do it.


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    There are plenty of posts on the topic. Just search for said topic. In short:

    1 - Pointers must point at something to be used.
    2 - If you don't have a variable to point at, allocate space dynamically.
    ... 2a - malloc will allocate a number of bytes.
    ... 2b - calloc does the same thing, except it allocates a number of blocks, each a specificed size.
    ... 2c - realloc is used to "resize" what the memory you've allocated by 2a or 2b.
    3 - free what you allocate when you're done. Always.

    That's pretty much it.

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    Linked lists are little bit trickier for a beginner. Try to get a knowledge about pointers. Then it'll be easier than you think.
    Dynamic memory allocation is nothing but just allocatin memory for a pointer.
    This is the simple example for dynamic memory allocation.

    int *pA;
    pA = malloc( sizeof(int) );

    The first line creates an integer pointer and pointed nowhere. So you can't use it for storing data etc. The second line allocates memory for the integer pointer.
    Just read the man page for malloc.

    Good luck.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jaguar23
    Dynamic memory allocation is nothing but just allocatin memory for a pointer.
    This remark is incorrect. Memory allocation rather allocates a designated size of memory and then returns you a pointer to that memory (aka a way to access it.). It does not allocate memory for a pointer.
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