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    C programming

    I am a beginner.
    I want all details of C programming since i am not from comp background.

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    Well you could start by reading some tutorials on this site.
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    That whole "all details" thing isn't going to fit in this forum. That's why they write books.

    Go install Gentoo, that'll be a good starting place.

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    here's one lil detail that you must be keen to not forget:
    practice makes perfect.... but nobody is perfect!!! therefore, dont practice...

    awww, my logic seems to be out of line LOL

    seriously, best thing you can do is try things for yourself, and find other ways for yourself even though you get some helpful answers from the smart guys in this forums... nobody is perfect after all
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    Quote Originally Posted by pallavid
    I am a beginner.
    I want all details of C programming since i am not from comp background.
    I have to ask, pallavid, do you really think this is a reasonable statement?

    Would you make a similar statement on a particle physics board about wanting all the details of quantum mechanics? Some people teach C programming as a full time job and huge fat books are written to teach introductory C programming. Your statement seems to imply that someone can simply post "all details of C programming".

    Or maybe I'm misreading your email and you are simply introducing yourself rather than making a request.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pallavid
    ....I want all details of C programming since i am not from comp background.
    Maybe he is looking for something like done in the Matrix movie (Trinity learned to use a helicopter in a few seconds!). Insert the disc and load all the data required into my brain.

    The actuall thing that you should do is to follow some tutorials strictly. Start one and finish it, do not leave it unfinished. Most people do this! That's why the only thing that they can do is printing "Hello World!".

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