Thread: Want to convert -ve value to +ve

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    Want to convert -ve value to +ve

    hi, i have a looop ... in which i am adding one value to another.

    what i wish is to run the loop till the index is greater than -5 and in the loop i want to print only +ve value of the index.


    int index =0;
    for (index = 5; index >= -5; index--){
        printf ("%d", index);
    it will print
    but i want only
    actually i was thinking to manipulate bits.

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    In the for loop make if statement where you will multiply index lower then 0 with -1.
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    Alternatively, you could use <math.h> and its absolute value function.
    /* Make sure to
    #include <math.h>
    int index;
    for (index = 5; index >= -5; index--)
       printf ("%d", abs(index));
    actually i was thinking to manipulate bits.
    Manipulating bits would be overly complicated and not at all portable as different systems will store negative values in different ways, usually with either Two's Complement, One's Complement, or Sign Magnitude. Even if you bothered to analyse how your computer is storing them, it still wouldn't work on every other computer.
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