Thread: problems compiling in gcc

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    problems compiling in gcc

    Hi guys i need some help
    I make a program in c and i compile the program in Linux with gcc. The programs good right. Then i prove the .exe of Linux at Windows and it doesn't work. When i click at the .exe in windows the computer open a ms-dos window and don't do anything. I prove the .exe at the console of windows and it doesn't work.
    Anybody have an idea how resolve this problem compiling in gcc of Linux.

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    I don't think I'm alone here, so I'll be blunt - WHAT???

    Please describe your problem more clearly.
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    What exactly do you mean by 'prove'?

    Please expand on how it ''doesn't work''
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    hmmm... Are you saying you compiled a C program under linux, and then tried to open the resulting executable under Windows?

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    Post your code and the error message(s), or at least a better description than "doesn't work".
    If you're referring to the console window appearing and disappearing quickly, well that's in the FAQ.
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    Do you have cygwin in windows? If no then install it and run in windows the .exe (./your_exe) as you should in Linux.

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    Linux and Windows executables are completely different, and it's very difficult to get one to run on the other. You need to re-compile your program for windows. One way to do so is to use cygwin, a port of bash to windows: it can compile most Linux text-based programs. (If you're program is ANSI compatible you can compile it with just about any compiler, such as the free compiler Dev-C++ that many members of this board use:

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