Thread: Why won't my compiler let me open files?

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    Question Why won't my compiler let me open files?

    Visual Studio .NET 2005, possibly the professional version.

    I went to the C tutorial where it teaches you how to accept command line arguments, and I copied and pasted that code into my compiler at school to make sure it works (I'm trying to debug one of my university assignments, and finding the problem has been a little annoying. I was trying to make sure the compiler was acting normal, or if I need to change its settings.)

    When I pasted that code, it would successfully compile. But when I tried to run/debug the thing, it wouldn't let me put in any command line arguments. I have everything set on a Win32 console application, and this is not the first time I've had this kind of trouble come up.

    Also the command line window that I was trying to use the program with closed at the speed of light (this of course, was activated by clicking on the debug button). I tried putting in a getchar() at the end just to get the window to stay open long enough for me to examine it, but that didn't work either.

    So my question is...What on Earth is going on?

    Thanks ahead of time to any of you that tell me.

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    So really, it's not "why won't my compiler let me open files", but instead it's "how do I input command line arguments to my program when I run it through my IDE".

    See how much better it is when you actually say what it is you need?

    Now since you've supposedly got the professional version installed, press F1, pull up your MSDN, and type in 'command line arguments'.

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    It might be easier if you ran your program from the command line. Then you could pass any arguments you needed, as well as examine the output.

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    Also, if you don't run the program as Debug but instead as Run, VC++ will keep the console open for you.
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