Thread: Copying an INT into a Char array?

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    Copying an INT into a Char array?

    Say I have a char array equal to "ahello"

    (ie array[0] = 'a' && array[1] = 'h' ect ect)

    Now i need to replace the letter a (array[0]) with a number from 1-15, so obviously if the number is bigger than 9, then the "hello" part needs to be shifted along

    What is a good way of doing this?
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    First of all there can be a better solution for your problem. Why making "ahello" and than replacing a?

    Second for your question. Shift it.
    int len = strlen(carray);
    for( int i = len; i >= 0 ; --i)
           carray[i + 1] = carray[i];
    carray[++len] = '\0';
    Just remember that carray should be carray[7], [edit:] one more than "ahello".
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    You could also use memmove():
    memmove(array + 2, array + 1, 6);
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    char temp[30];
    sprintf(temp, "%d%s", num, array);
    strcpy(array, temp);

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    > so obviously if the number is bigger than 9, then the "hello" part needs to be shifted along
    And then what - you've got "15ello"
    Are you going to do something with 'e' then 'l' as well?

    Basically, are you encoding the whole string in numeric form?
    If you are, you're best constructing the new string in another buffer rather than shuffling everything along one char at a time.
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