Thread: question in CRC arithmetic

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    question in CRC arithmetic

    hello,all.I am a fresh coder and have a question in CRC,so I have to post a thread to ask for help.
    In my programm,a CRC arithmetic has mentioned whick to check each command in commnication is right or not.In the document,a polynomial "0xA001" has mentioned and I don't understand about it,so I have to Google.But I also do not understand (maybe don't know).How can I get the CRC16 table with the polynomial ? Everyone could you help me? Thanks very much.

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    I did a small bit of research and discovered that you are studying embedded
    systems programming, good for you. Unfortunately for you, not everybody
    knows what CRC is. Furthermore, your description of your problem is very
    unclear - I can't tell whether you are writing a CRC encoder, or are receiving a
    CRC error message, although I find the former unlikely. So, if you are writing the
    program, maybe post code which produces your error, or if you are receiving this
    error, then your post doesn't belong on the C programming board, and would be
    more suitable under the Tech board. Please don't repost there, as it can be moved
    by a mod if that's the case.

    Lastly, Salem mentioned in your other thread that you need to google better -
    I would go so far as to say that you need to develop better problem solving
    skills, since the first step in such is normally to develop a clear and precise
    definition of the problem - particularly if you are asking for help from others. In
    any case, Google search for "Cyclic Redundancy Check" returned the following two

    Cyclic Redundancy Check - what it means for your data, CD and DVD discs
    Wikipedia's article on CRC

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    I am so sorry,but say thanks to you all the same.I will be better at next seconds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mycount
    I am so sorry,but say thanks to you all the same.I will be better at next seconds.
    CRC 16 is pretty standart and straight forward does it solve you problem?

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    Before Wikipedia, there was this. (But it is listed in the external links.)
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