Thread: Formatting output to screen from a file

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    Formatting output to screen from a file

    Hi again,

    Working on my final assignemnt still and having issues getting my output to the screen the way it is required.

    I have a text file I output my data to earlier in the program in this required format

    Course Code
    Subject Description
    First Mark
    Second Mark
    Course Code
    Subject Description
    First Mark
    Second Mark

    This is what I attempted in order to read my four fields and print out on one line.

    int printSubject()
    		//declare local variables
    		int i;
    		int fieldCOUNT = 0;
    		char line[31];
    		FILE *fp;
    		//Clears the previous screen and displays a column headers
    		system ("cls");
    		printf("\n\n					Class Mark Sheet Pro Report \n\n");
    		printf("	 Course Code | Subject Name		 | First Mark | Second Mark \n");
    		printf("	 -------------------------------------------------------------------\n");
    		//Opening the file for reading
    		fp = fopen(MarkFile, "r");
    		while (fgets(line, sizeof(line), fp))
    			fieldCOUNT = fieldCOUNT + 1;
                printf("%s		", line);
    			if (fieldCOUNT == 4)
    				fieldCOUNT = 0;
    return 0;
    I get all my data but the out put is not what I had hoped for.

    Any thoughts.

    I do appreciate all the help I have recieved here on the board, I thought I should mention most of classmates have not handed this assignemnt in, or handed it in uncompleted becuase there is alot of functionality required that was not covered in our class. The three main resources I am using for this project are my notes, my text "C Programming a Visual Guide" and this forum.

    I just don't want anyopne to think I am trying to get someone to write my assignment for me.

    Thanks again.

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    Remember fgets() stores a newline.

    This FAQ shows you how to remove that newline.

    > printf("%s ", line);
    Try something like
    printf("%-10s ", line);
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    Hey Salem,


    thanks for that link I got it working better now, just have to play with the spacing between fields now.

    I have abetter understanding of fgets() now as well.

    Thanks for all you help so far today


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