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    KnR, Ch1, ex 1-10

    Hello, I'm reviewing KnR after not having done much programming in about 7 years. I just encountered some behavior I can't quite figure out in the program I made for ex. 1-10 ("Write a program to copy its input to its output, replacing each tab by \t , each backspace by \b , and each backslash by \\ . This makes tabs and backspaces visible in an unambiguous way".)

    Can anybody tell me why, when typing "\" & hitting return the output of the code below should be this? (the tab handling statements seem to be just fine)


    hello feck


    while(   (c=getchar())  !=EOF  ){
        if (c=='\t'){
        if (c!='\t'){
          if(c=='\\') printf("hello ");{
    		if(c!='\\') printf("feck ");
      return 0;
    thank you in advance

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    Despite your indentation, your code reads as
        if (c!='\t'){
          if(c=='\\') printf("hello ");
             if(c!='\\') printf("feck ");
    With a \, you get hello printed, with the if(c=='\\'), because \ is not equal to a tab
    With a newline, you get feck printed, because newline isn't a tab, and it isn't \\ either

    Why is if(c=='\\') inside another if statement?

    Shouldn't it be
    if ( c == '\t' )
    if ( c == '\\' )
    if ( c == '\b' )
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