Thread: How do I create an accurate timer?

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    Question How do I create an accurate timer?

    I am quite new at this C programming.

    I would like to know how do I create the timer clock??

    For ex. If I activate it, it will not do anything for 10 seconds, then after the time runs out, it will move on to the next code.

    This timer is NOT visible, but accurately waits for (for example) 10 seconds (time can be changed later on) and then it does what ever is next.

    I know loops are involved, but how do i make the accurate timing?
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    > but accurately waits for (for example) 10 seconds
    If your operating system is multi-tasking, you will never achieve this.

    sleep for instance guarantees that the minimum time will be 10 seconds, the actual delay could be a little longer if the OS had something important to do at that moment.

    You should start by looking for these functions

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