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    pls help proof read

    pls help me proof read for c prog. syntax errors. this is a basic c progam for synchonization between two computers on a parrallel virtual machine network.(hence all that pvm blah blah). Also i need corrections.

       int cc, tid, msgtag;
       char buf[100];
       printf("i'm t%x\n", pvm_mytid());
       cc = pvm_spawn("hello_other", (char**)0, 0, "", 1, &tid);
       if (cc == 1) {
            msgtag = 1;
          pvm_recv(tid, msgtag);
          printf("from t%x: %s\n", tid, buf);
       } else
          printf("can't start hello_other\n");
    these also:
    #include "pvm3.h"
       int ptid, msgtag;
       char buf[100];
       ptid = pvm_parent();
       strcpy(buf, "hello, world from ");
       gethostname(buf + strlen(buf), 64);
        msgtag = 1;
       pvm_send(ptid, msgtag);
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    Read this entire thread, discover what you did wrong, and fix it.

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    > pls help proof read
    Well pls isn't a work.

    > this is a basic c progam
    Sentences begin with an upper case letter, and the C language is usually written in upper case as well.

    > synchonization between two computers on a parrallel
    More spelling mistakes.

    Some other stuff, but it's lunch time, and I'm hungry.
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