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    using strchr

    trying to print the number of certain letter in a string but code gives general exception
    what to do, what to do...
    int main(void)
    	char c,p[30]="breaka is one bad";
    	int pos,i=0,j,array[30];
    	printf("wich letter: ");
    	c = getchar();
    	printf("number: %d\npositions: ");
    	for(j=0; j<i; j++)
    		printf("%d ",array[i]);
    return 0;
    this message board is censuring the f word in code, what a laugh!!!
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    printf("number: %d\npositions: ");
    This call lacks arguments.

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    The function getchar returns an int.

    You keep searching the same string, so even if a letter is found, you never change your position in it and the same letter is found ove rand over (infinite loop). You should make a pointer to your array p, and say that pointer += pos; after you find a letter and add it to your array.

    Then you printf a number you don't specify an argument for.

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    Here's another laugh - read the rules.
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