Thread: Some help with string manipulation

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    Some help with string manipulation

    Hello all. This is my second thread where I've failed to work out string manipulation, and it's fairly similar to my first one. Basically, I've got a string, and I'm looking to remove anything that's placed within angled brackets, as well as the brackets themselves. Here's a snipet of code taken from a function that does what I'm trying to do.

    char	newline[512] = {0}, tmp[512] = {0};
    char	*ptr, *ptr2;
    while ((ptr = strstr(newline, "<")) != NULL) {
    	while ((ptr2 = strstr(newline, ">")) != NULL) {
    		strcpy(tmp, ptr2);
    		*ptr = 0;
    		strcpy(newline, tmp);
    Without this code the program runs through fine, but with this, it stalls when it reaches here.
    If anyone needs any more of the code to work it out, I'll post it. Just don't wanna slow you guys down with useless stuff.

    Any help is appreciated

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    while( (ptr1 = strchr( buf, '<' )) )
        if( (ptr2 = strchr( ptr1, '>' ) )
            memmove( ptr1, ptr2 + 1, strlen( ptr2 + 1 ) + 1 );
            /* Handle "<foo" with no matching ">" how you want. I truncate. */
            *ptr1 = '\0'; 
    There's probably some special case things this won't catch, like nested < > pairs, or mismatched < > sets, etc. Hm... close enough for who it's for.

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    Thanks buddy. And don't worry, there are no mismatched ones, and no nested ones either. You really are a live-saver

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