Thread: "writing reverse of a number" i need your help

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    Question "writing reverse of a number" i need your help

    Hi everybody;
    i need a program that writes reverse of a number for ex;
    if i enter 42 output will be 24 and, for 789 it will be 987.
    We don't know how many digits will user type...
    Thanks... Have a nice day...

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    Hint. 24 / 10 = 2 remainder 4.

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    Or you could read as a string and print out the string in reverse - also allows you
    to easily validate the input - use fgets to read a string if you don't know how to
    already. Tonto's solution is the most common answer to this question, so
    whichever suits you.
    No No's:
    fflush (stdin); gets (); void main ();

    Example of fgets (); The FAQ, C/C++ Reference

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    Tonto and Richie T. thanks for your attention. I hope i will write true code after your help...

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