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>lol - I would not know GI Joe stuff if it hit me in the face.
I still have no idea what GI Joe is. I know that it was some kind of army thing, and the boys in my neighborhood couldn't get enough of the little action figures. Apparently there was a lame cartoon too, but that's the extent of my interest.

When I was a kid (and this will definitely show that I'm as old as the hills), GI Joe was about a foot tall. Later on, they made him into a little action figure.

I didn't have many GI Joes.... my friends did though. My favorite thing when was a kid was my bike.

And to bring this back on topic:

My Harbison & Steele refers to array types as being "converted" to a pointer to the first element:

"when an array identifier appears in an expression, the type of the identifier is converted from "array of T" to "pointer to T" and the value of the identifier is converted to a pointer to the first element of the array"

So I guess "degraded" is too strong a term