Thread: structure ...solution plz????

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    structure ...solution plz????

    Hi ,

    I am having a structure,
    structure mine{
    char SPI[6];
    char authvalue[16];
    int client;

    Here I am putting the values for auth,SPI & client.
    I need to to send this structure to other pprogram.( I am using socket proigramming)
    auth value -1234567890123456
    client -1
    I am copying these values in to my above structure
    But ,,My structure is sending
    client =1

    how can I overcome this auth value problem..?

    any solution?

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    > 1234567890123456
    A 16 character string needs to be placed into a 16 char array very carefully (not strcpy)
    How did you pack and unpack this struct?
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    You may face some problem with the portability if there is difference in byte alignment of both the machines.
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    then how can I get correct values?

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    Send each structure member one at a time and then the client can reassemble the struct on the receiving end.

    You also didn't answer Salem's question.
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