Thread: breaking a big file into smaller files

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    Question breaking a big file into smaller files

    i want to break a large file into smaller files each of size 2KB.i want to give the file names as 1.txt,2.txt,3.txt etc how can i do this

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    read in some of the file... then write out to a file... then read in more of the file... and write more... till you are done reading.

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    problem is how to name the files i have an index variable i want to create the files with the name as that of the contents of index variable

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    variable i=1;
    char tempname[6];
    read base file till end
    read 2kb from file
    write to new file fopen(tempname,"w");
    end read
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    I do wish you would stick to one board for your questions

    Fair enough asking on another board if one doesn't respond in a day or two, but to broadcast all over the place just makes it seem like you're trying to post "urgent" without actually saying so.
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    My suggestion is to use sprintf to generate a new filename.
    int index = 1; /* this would be your index variable you were talking about */
    char filename[256];
    sprintf(filename, "%d%s", index, ".txt");
    Note that snprintf and a dynamically allocated character array might be a better solution since snprintf returns the characters it would have printed if it had to truncate the buffer. Thus you can use it to size the string correctly, but I didn't want to drag dynamic memory into this.

    [edit]Oh neat... cross-posting.
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