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    C/C++ cross-development environment

    Hello everyone,

    I read some beginner materials for C/C++ cross-development environment, which consists a host machine and a target machine. The host machine can produce binary executable code for the target machine, which has a different hardware architecture compared with the host machine. For example, the host machine can be x86 CPU, but the target machine can be ARM CPU.

    How mysterious it is! I am wondering what mysterious things do the host machine have in order to produce the binary code for a different hardware architecture machine. I think the host machine should contain,

    - compiler/linker which works on host system but produce binary output for target system;
    - .h header files for target system;
    - dynamic library for target system, like .DLL for Windows and .so for Linux;
    - shared library for target system, like .lib for Windows and .a for Linux.

    Not sure whether my guess is correct. Any comments?

    thanks in advance,

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    Looks good to me.

    The harder part is usually getting all those bytes the compiler produced downloaded and onto the target processor in question.
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