Thread: device driver does it work

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    device driver does it work

    hey all!

    i'm afraid this yet another question from a
    noob, but i'm learning to program in C which
    i read is used a lot in games and small device
    drivers. From what i've learnt so far i cant grasp
    how this would be undertaken so are there any sites
    that can give me a rough overview of how its done?
    (just to satisfy my curiosity)

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    Well, for device drivers under Linux, you could get started with something like this book, available both in print, and online (for free).

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    Device drivers are often done in assembly because it allows lowest access to hardware.

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    For the purpose of Gaming, what you are talking about is taking control of the device from the system and giving it to the game. It's not really writing device drivers it's using the api from the device driver to take control, which is designed to be used by c programs.

    if you really want to learn how to write device drivers, then Kermit's link is a good start. the methoology is that same for all operating systems, the specifics are different because of the differences in operating systems.
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