Thread: Using OpenSSL with Dev-C++

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    Using OpenSSL with Dev-C++

    How would I go about installing OpenSSL for Dev-C++? I've tried installing the source by using MinGW 5.0.0 and Dev-C++ beta (which didn't have MinGW already installed). I've tried installing the binary setup version and also the dev package version.

    But every time the compiler complains that there's an undefined reference to the functions.

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    You need to tell the linker what additional libraries to use, and where they're located (if they're not in the standard places).

    Typically, if your library is called libfoo.a, then you would pass the parameter -lfoo (that's minus and lower-case L)
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    I have four files in my lib folder: libeay32.def, ssleay32.def, libeay32.a and ssleay32.a. Adding -leay32 to my linker works fine but how would I add ssleay32.a?

    EDIT: Ok I figured I just had to add the pathname and the filename for that library. There's still a lot of undefined references but I can't see any related to OpenSSL. Thank you for the help Salem.
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