Thread: Storing chars to a buffer

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    Storing chars to a buffer

    I want to store chars from a file to buffer 'buf_P', when reachs zero char, I want to print what is stored in the buffer and update the buf_P to hold new array of chars
    char buf_P[300];
    int n;
     //store it to buffer
    //print the string
    //update the buf_P

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    How about filling in those ".."s for us. Your design seems poorly thought out, and some clarification of how the rest of the program works would go a long way toward us understanding some of your decisions.
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    If you read the FAQ you'd learn that FEOF is not a char.FAQ

    what is ch. First, you assign it as a char then compare to an int later. Which may or may not be bad depending on what it is. The value of a promoted char is affected by its sign, and unfortunately, a char can be either signed or unsigned by default, this is compiler dependant.

    Also you told us what you want to do and you didn't ask a question. Are you expecting us to do it? Please rephrase and add full source code.
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