Thread: String Manipulation Problem

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    String Manipulation Problem

    I have a string right, which has data put into it from a file I am reading from.

    It reads each line of the file and stores it in this variable. Anyway.
    It appears that when it is storing this string in this variable it is also adding a "\n"

    Meaning when I join the strings together instead of looking like this:


    It looks like


    How can I get rid of the newline? Could I use strlen to find the length THEN use a function to replace the last character (which would be the newline ? or would it have a NULL after it?)

    I am using strcat to join the strings together.

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    Look at this thread:

    It's like an entire 6 threads below yours so I understand how you didn't find it. Or the FAQ that's pointed out in the thread.
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    If you carried on reading, you would see how to remove the \n
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    Thank you that helped me alot.

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