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    writing into a file

    I am facing a weird problem when i try to write the contents of a char array into a file.

    I first do:
          fprintf( fp1 ,"%s" , buf);
    here, buf points to the starting location of my char array...

    the contents of this array will be re-written during the execution , and so, to transfer the new content into a file I do :

          fprintf( fp1 ,"%s",buf);
    again , here buf points to the start ...

    the problem is : after the execution , when i open the file with "cat" , the contents of the file is displayed correctly..

    when i open it thru a text editor, I see non-ascii characters at the end of each line
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    Well since your other threads involve reading from the network, my guess is your strings lack a \0 in the correct place, so you end up with random junk after each bit of valid text.
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